What is a GerbLook?
GerbLook is an online viewer which renders images so you can "look" at "gerber" files. Gerber files are used for manufacturing printed circuit boards (PCBs).
Do you store uploaded gerber files?
Not unless you ask us to. Well, we do store them on disk temporarily while generating the images. Then unless you choose to save them, they are deleted from disk as soon as rendering is completed (or fails), within the same web request.
How are the images created?
Using Gerbv to render the gerber files to png images and then using some ImageMagick magic to merge and apply color to the images.
Why are the images a little bit jaggy?
Antialiasing is not turned which is what makes the nice soft edges you see on some images. This leads to slightly more accurate though not quite as pretty images.
Is the source code available?
Yes, it's on GitHub here; https://github.com/hadleyrich/GerbLook.
What gerber file names are expected?
The following rules are used to match layers;
Board Outline (required)
*.out *.oln *.gm1 *.gbr *.gml *.gko *.gm16
Top Copper (required)
*.gtl (*.cmp, *.top, *toplayer*.ger)
Bottom Copper (required)
*.gbl (*.sol, *.bot, *bottomlayer*.ger)
Top Soldermask (required)
*.gts (*.stc, *.smt, *topsoldermask*.ger)
Bottom Soldermask (required)
*.gbs (*.sts, *.smb, *bottomsoldermask*.ger)
Top Silkscreen
*.gto (*.sst, *topsilkscreen*.ger)
Bottom Silkscreen
*.gbo (*.ssb, *bottomsilkscreen*.ger)
Plated Drills
*.dri *.drl *.drd *.txt
Non-Plated Drills
As for plated drills but with NPTH in the filename
Inner Copper 1
*.g1 *.gl1
Inner Copper 2
*.g2 *.gl2
Inner Copper 3
*.g3 *.gl3
Inner Copper 4
*.g4 *.gl4
Inner Copper 5
*.g5 *.gl5
Inner Copper 6
*.g6 *.gl6
Inner Copper 7
*.g7 *.gl7
The * stands for any string of characters. There are also various other rules to try and fuzzy match based on the contents of the filename but if you stick to the above you should be fine.