GerbLook (this website) has been sold and will soon be hosted by a new owner, the code remains on Github. No data from the existing site will be transferred to the new owner. The new owner intends to set up a new instance of Gerblook and continue running the online gerber viewer service. Redirects will be put in place for existing renders for a period to the old instance to ensure things keep working for now. If you wish to delete any existing data get in touch and we can take care of this for you.

GerbLook is an online gerber file viewer. Gerber files are used for manufacturing printed circuit boards (PCBs). GerbLook will render and display images of the various layers of your PCB which you can use to inspect what your fabricated board will look like.

How do you use it? Upload a set of gerber files, can be either zipped, rarred or multiple separate gerber files. Select your soldermask, silkscreen and copper colors. Your gerber files are used to generate the images and then deleted.

New! Now handles up to eight copper layers.

Current issues:

If you have an upload that didn't work or other issues or suggestions, feel free to email Mention GerbLook in the subject and attach the files if you can.